22,000 Atendees

Cinema Planeta 2011, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico took place in Cuernavaca, Morelos and the National Cinematheque from March 11th to 19th, 2011.
9 cinematic sections were presented with 80 titles in total from 5 continents.
In collaborations with the National Cinematheque, the Petroleum Bulletin was created to revise the history of petroleum in Mexican cinematography.
Cinema Planeta paid tribute to commander JACQUES-YVES COUSTEAU that attracted hundreds of spectators.
The International Jury that scored and selected the winning films was composed of Martha Sosa, Producer of the documentary Presumed Guilty; Carlos Armella, winner of the 2008 Lion of Gold in Venice for his film Land and Bread; Inès Hendaoui, Co-programmer of the Environmental Festival of Paris; Dolores Heredia, actor; and Julia Tagüeña, who presides over the Mexican Society for the Spread of Science and Technology in Morelos.

Winning Films


Jury Award for Best International Documentary:

There Was Once an Island
Documentary / New Zealand / 2010 / 80 min / Color
Directed, produced, photographed, edited: Briar March

Kodak Award for Best Latin American Documentary:

Flores en el Desierto – Flowers in the Desert
Documentary / Mexico- USA / 2009 / 75 min / Color
Director, script: José Álvarez

Jury Award for Best Original Treatment of an Ecological Theme:

Into Eternity
Documentary / Finland – Denmark / 2010 / 75 min / Color
Director, script: Michael Madsen

Audience Choice Award:

The Measure of Man
Documentary / Estonia / 2010 / Color
Director: Marianne Kõrver
Script: Kaie Kotov y Marianne Kõrver

Efeito reciclagem / Hauling
Documentary / Brazil / 2010 / 95 min / Color
Director: Sean Walsh

Honorable Mentions:

Documentary / China / 2010 / 48 min/ Color
Directed, written, produced by: Huaqing Jin

Cinema Planeta also presented:

Four public, open-air showings.

The photographic exhibit “The So-Called The Gulf of Mexico” in collaboration with the media agency Reuters and the Cultural Center of Spain.

The photographic exhibit “Naica” that travels to the caves of crystal.

The demonstration “Ocean and Weather, Exchanges For Life” in collaboration with the Recherche Insitute for Development.

The exposition “Domo: Video Art” in the gardens of the Cuauhnáhuac Regional Museum where the various video art programs were enjoyed through a collaborations with Artport making_waves.

The three winners and two honorable mentions of the Cinematic Minute competition for human rights to water were presented in collaboration with the Mexican Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The contemporary art exhibit “(Re-)Cycles of Paradise: Women and Climate Change” in collaboration with Artport making_waves.

Four round tables were presented: Gender, Environment & Art; One Ocean of Life; Cinema & Climate Change: The Impact on the Life of Women; and The Plastic Life.