On Southern Buses

Documentary / Mexico / 2019 / 97 min / Color
Dirección: Sven Kirschlager, Sirio Magnabosco / Guion: Sven Kirschlager / Producción: Maria Kling / Fotografía: Sirio Magnabosco / Edición: Dalia Castel / Sonido: Julian Cropp

The stories of six musicians meander along curvy federal roads through the breathtaking scenery of southern Mexico. The protagonists do not perform in the spotlight of big stages but earn their living with guitars and accordions in the narrow aisles of beaten country buses.

Sven Kirschlager

Wrote his PhD thesis on travelling musicians aboard rural Mexican buses, meeting and accompanying the later protagonists of his documentary during work and everyday life. On Southern Buses is his first film.

Sirio Magnabosco

Su trabajo fotográfico se ha exhibido en Italia, Alemania, Francia, Grecia, España, Nueva York, Tokio y se ha publicado en revistas como The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Wired y GQ.

Thursday May 23
17:00 and 19:30 h