Space Arts Live

Virtual kick-off and meet & greet

for Idea Planeta’s 2021 Space Call.


Thank you for joining us!

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Welcome to Space Arts Platform

Space Arts by Idea Planeta is a global cross-media collaboration with the aim of visualising and strengthening the connections between space and the environment on a planetary scale. Space Arts will give its voice to the youth who, through their creation of audiovisual messages, will give us the opportunity to both hear and see what they have to say so that we can pay attention to their global conservation efforts, as inhabitants of one planet, beyond nationalities.

A meeting of artistic spatial ecology where education, language, music, aesthetics, science, and teamwork become images that move people towards peace and conservation. 

In 2019 we started out with the Event “Cinema Planeta goes to Space” as a cultural exchange and collaboration between visual artists from Mexico and musicians from Austria.

In 2020/21 we will pass this opportunity forward to the next generations of musicians and visual artists from Austria, Mexico and Germany in form of the “Space Call” and the following virtual artist residency, that will give the finalists the opportunity to strengthen their skills, gather new insights and expand their network.

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